Moving Company NJ

Moving is never easy. We at Moving Company New Jersey strive to make this event less daunting than it is purported to be. Whether you're moving from the Garden State to neighboring NYC, across to the west cost or even overseas - we make the utmost efforts to ensure your moving process is a success.
To enable you to sail through the move, we provide a wide array of moving services.

We Take Care of You Every Step of the Way

With Moving Company New Jersey you can rest assured you are in good hands from start to finish. Whether you reside in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson or Elizabeth, our representatives will arrive to your house to conduct a thorough onsite inspection of the items you intend to ship. This comprehensive survey of your belongings will allow us to calculate an accurate moving estimate.

We make it a point to provide you with all necessary moving documents, be it the Order for Service or the Bill of Lading. Licensed and insured to conduct both local and interstate moves, we do our best to protect your belongings in terms of liability coverage.

Transporting Your Special Cargo

What should you do about those large items that don't quite fit into the moving truck? Leaving your car or boat behind is hardly an option. Moving Company New Jersey will be happy to provide recommendations for professional vehicle shipment companies. And what about that most precious cargo of all - your pets? We'll be happy to direct you to pet moving agencies who will allow your furry friends to get home safely.


True, there's a lot to do before and after relocation. These many moving tasks will seem far less intimidating and annoying if you sort them out in a detailed list. Moving Company New Jersey will be happy to review your list with you and provide you with additional tips.

Know Your Moving Options

It's up to you to decide which of our moving services best suits your needs. You can choose our full-service or self-service moving options, or, even just rent one of our moving trucks and haul your belongings to your new destination on your own. Whatever your choice, we're here to help.


Moving Company New Jersey will provide you with ample moving boxes and supplies. If you would like us to help you out with the packing, our moving specialists will ensure your precious belongings are placed safely within the boxes.

For your next move - consider moving company New Jersey. Contact us for additional information, and check out our site for more moving details.

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